Monday, February 13, 2012

PC POST #12: 5 Reasons Punisher is better than Batman!

"Five Legitimate Reasons Why PUNISHER Is Better Than BATMAN"

First and foremost, I'm just going to speak my mind right now and give you references and opinions, which you may or may not agree with. The explanation is here, and if you have any gripes with it, you can take it up with me personally, or not. I'll still continue to believe in this until the day I'm proven wrong, or lose interest. So here's five quick reasons why the Punisher is better, at least in my eyes, than the Batman.


Nobody ever acknowledges how bitter and beautiful the Punisher's reality is. Frank Castle goes into every war, every battle, every endeavour WANTING TO DIE. The irony is that that mindstate gives him the fearlessness and the fortitude, providing him with the tenacity and bravery that's needed to accomplish the majority of his missions.

Do you understand that? He wants to die; he hasn't cared about living since his family was taken from him and his life ended. The fact that he still exists is a disappointment, and justice for criminals is a meager occupation of his time.


  He wasn't born into riches like Bruce Wayne. He doesn't have every expense at his fingertips and technology and funding isn't at his disposal. Whatever Frank Castle accumulates, he gets from his own worthless skirmishes. He's sustains on his own accord.


 Batman has a countless amount of supporters, from Comissioner Gordon, to the Oracle, to Alfred, to the whole God damn Justice League. Punisher relies on information he hears second hand from the police force, and untrustworthy criminals and miscreants. He gets his hands dirty in the streets, not gathering information in a million dollar fortified fortress, like Batman. The only help Punisher ever accumulates is from his sometimes helper Micro, and forcing information out of other wimpy superheros and villains. Nobody wants to help him, or volunteers their help, as opposed to the caped crusader. He is alone, and will always be alone. He doesn't require help, nor does he need it.


Several times Bruce Wayne will have to make a life or death decision, or have to rescue a family, or save the day; Punisher is realistic and sticks to his own. He views the world as scum; a disgusting, primordial soup of criminals and undesirables, and also believes the majority of humanity is inherently evil and untrustworthy. This realistic view grants him less disappointments and mistakes.

(Sidenote: All this while being just as good a detective and mastermind as Batman.)


This might be one of the most important. Where as Batman seemingly always has to deal with the Joker or his regular villians, because his only option is to put them in the Arkham Asylum, or jail, Punisher, when given any opportunity, will execute any foe, on the spot. Bruce Wayne doesn't believe in killing, or the use of guns. Mr. Frank Castle does, and to say that he's technically advanced in every imaginable weapon, is an understatement. Hence the title, "The Punisher." If you're guilty, your punishment will suffice. If you're guilty, and run into Batman, well, you'll be behind bars.

Anyways, this is just something I felt like posting while I had a spare few minutes. Plus, I never update this damn Blogspot, which is wack. I should do more of these. Moreover, I probably left some stuff out. Oh well..

Thanks to anyone who read.

"Killing is my business, and business is good." - Punisher


  1. Good article. My childhood hero was the Batman and later on i found the Punisher in the beginning of 90's and everything change.

    I think they have different points of view for the same goal. Get rid of the scum.

    For me what gives some advantage to the Punisher is that he handles the problem permanently and Batman don't. But that's the problem of every superhero.

    Batman for me is responsible for dozens of deaths for not dealing with the Joker once and for all. Im talking about Batman but the other heroes are the same.

    I prefer the method of the Punisher, this way he prevents more killing in my point of view.

    That's my two cents :)

  2. I am a huge Batman and Punisher fan as well and I largely agree with your comments here. It is really hard to argue either perspectives other than the fact that Frank Castle was a religious man that has totally turned his back on the faith. It makes you wonder if that chapter of Frank Castle is truly closed or not.

  3. Just a nit-pick in a sense, but Batman has been changed substantially from his early version - who DID carry a gun. I'm not a Silver Age collector, so I don't know how often he USED it - I think once the "Mafia" concept was done in NYC / Gotham, there was a need to create new villains; at the same time, there was an "awareness" campaign WRT guns and gun violence, and Batman dropped the gun from his lineup so he could be more "PC" and less offensive to the public.