Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PC POST #15: Incredible Hulk/Punisher Crossover Announced

Boy, does Marvel love some Frank Castle these days or what?

It was just announced this afternoon that the "Incredible Hulk" ongoing series by Jason Aaron will guest star huge characters like Punisher, Wolverine and Kraven the Hunter!

Here are some additional details released earlier today:

The Hulk has to "stay angry" starting in May, and he's got Punisher, Wolverine and Kraven the Hunter to help him along. 
The "Stay Angry" arc starts with May's Incredible Hulk #8, from series writer Jason Aaron and his Punishermaxcollaborator Steve Dillon. A different artist will illustrate each part of the five-issue arc, with Pasqual Ferry on board for #9, and the rest to be revealed — though Aaron noted that other than Dillon, it's all artists he hasn't worked with before. 
The Punisher guest stars in #9, with Hulk and Frank Castle up against what Aaron dubbed "whacked-out Mexican drug lords." Wolverine and Kraven show up in future issues."I'm trying to make this the most frenetic and crazy thing I've ever written," Aaron said, comparing it to the Jason Statham-starred Crank movies. 
Aaron said that readers can expect another new status quo for the Hulk as of the "Stay Angry" arc, after Hulk and Bruce Banner have already been through the upheaval of being mysteriously split apart at the start of his run on the series. 
"Incredible Hulk #1 came out with a brand new dynamic for Hulk and Banner, that gets tweaked again with issue #7," Aaron said.

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  1. That will be a hell of a ride! Go For them Frank!