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PC POST #162: -INTERVIEW- Thunderbolts in Infinity and Beyond

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Once again Charles Soule given us some details of what we can expect for the upcoming arc of Thunderbolts and beyond.

Newsarama: This month’s Thunderbolts puts this black ops team in the middle of the Infinity event series while still putting them square in New York City. Can you tell us about this arc, and how it works within the Infinity event? 

Charles Soule: In Thunderbolts #14, we see them embark upon a new mission, whose direction is steered by the Punisher. He, somewhat unsurprisingly, wants to use the team to destroy a NYC-based mob family, and they're off to the races. Completing that mission becomes massively more difficult when the events of Infinity come into play. However, Frank Castle is not the sort of guy who gives up when the going gets tough. It's a really fun arc with great moments for everyone in the cast, and it lays out some neat ideas for stories going forward. Five issues, 14-18, and I am very happy with how it's turned out.

Nrama: This mob family the team is going after is called the Paguros, and is a group that have been a thorn in Frank’s side for some time. What makes them such a threat that Punisher would need a team of super-heroes – and a Hulk – to take them down?
Thunderbolts #15
Soule: This is something I lay out in the issue - basically, the Paguros were once a powerful mob family in New York, but in the wake of RICO, the Punisher's crusade and various other elements that have made it significantly less profitable (and healthy) to operate on the front lines of criminal activity, the family has gone behind-the-scenes. They've become a one-stop-shopping criminal support organization - they help fledgling enterprises get running, and they're the reason new gangs pop up as soon as Frank takes them down. Castle didn't even realize they existed for a while - he just knew that new scum was taking the place of the old scum a little faster than it should. There's more to the Paguros, but you'll find out in the story. Basically, I wanted to come up with a good, old-fashioned mob family nemesis (with a twist) for Frank, and I think I did that with the Paguros. They're pretty fun.

Nrama: The solicitations for September’s Thunderbolts #15 give away some spoilers that Thanos’ army is going to come up right in the middle of this street-level mission for the team. What can you say about that?
Thunderbolts #15
Soule: Well, New York City has always been a center of superhero activity in the Marvel U. So, from Thanos' perspective, if you're going to send troops to subdue Earth, NYC is probably where you want to start. I'm treating the alien/cosmic aspects of the story almost like the weather. You can't plan for a freak rainstorm - sometimes they just happen. Frank Castle finds it extremely frustrating that his one shot at getting the Paguros - targets he's been after for years - might get thrown off track by an alien invasion, but as I mentioned, he's a roll with the punches sort of guy. He might even figure out a way to turn the situation to his advantage.

Nrama: Speaking of team dynamics, Thunderbolts has introduced one of the most surprising and striking power couples in comics – the Punisher and Elektra. How’s that work?
Soule: This comes up a LOT when I talk to fans about the series. To make it clear, I don't see Punisher and Elektra as a romantic couple. I see them as a pairing of convenience. They aren't declaring eternal love to each other. However, Elektra is stunningly gorgeous, Frank probably has a sort of scarred, grizzled appeal, and why shouldn't they grab a little quality time when it makes sense? As we saw back in Thunderbolts #12, Frank's a bit conflicted about some of the things Elektra's done, even going so far as to declare her worthy of Punisher-style punishment. That's not going to go away - but neither is the "relationship" (I hesitate to even call it that.) Men and women get together for all sorts of reasons, and they stay together for all sorts of reasons, even when it's not perfect. Things will evolve with these two, and I think readers will dig how it plays out.

Thunderbolts #15
Nrama: You took over this series back in issue #12, and already you’re making strides to make it your own. Is there any other potential recruits to the team you’d love to have the opportunity to add at some point?

Soule: You know it. There will be a membership shuffle in Issues 20-23 (that's the current plan, at any rate). We'll get at least one new member for the team, and at least one will leave - but that's all I'll say about it. I've already written an issue featuring a new face, and let's just say that they fit in perfectly. I can't wait to see the red and black design for this one. (Yes, I'm being incredibly pronoun non-specific there - all you really know is that the character has a face. And no, before you start thinking it's M.O.D.O.K. (because he's basically all face), it's not M.O.D.O.K. Although, hmm...)
Thunderbolts #15

You can check the full interview by clicking in the following link Newsarama.


After reading the interview i was very excited to see how Soule planned out the future of the team.

+ I really want to know more about Paguros and their role in this arc and i got the feeling that they're not the regular mobsters that Frank is used to fight;

+ It seems that Marvel planned out 20+ issues for this book which is a good thing if they keep the good quality we have seen in the last two. But as always, it depends on the sales that i believe it will increase with this "Infinity" event;

+ Good to have some hints for the upcoming new members to this team;

- I have to get used to Palo's art but in the images of issue #15 it seems that they are a little better or is just my eyes deceiving me.

I definetely will follow this book and expect a review for issue #14. This book is released tomorrow, so don't forget to buy it.



  1. I would love to see Frank bring Elektra up to DD next time they cross paths. Heh.

  2. THAT would be soap opera for certain, we got enough of that with Daniel Way.

  3. Another alien invasion... yeah, that never gets old...

    What? Frank has no idea that Daredevil and Elektra had something going on... that wouldn't make any sense and he's not that type of character even if did know.

    I had no problem with them banging each other and Frank is one to talk considering some of things he's done... "Punisher-style punishment"... oh please...

    "but neither is the "relationship" (I hesitate to even call it that.)"

    Then call it what is it... banging, sex, fucking and so on.