Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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(W)Charles Soule / (A) Jefte Palo / (C) Julian Tedesco

This arc begins with Red Hulk, Venom, Deadpool, Elektra, Punisher and the Leader, hunting some cow exposed to gamma radiation but don't get me wrong this "cow" is as dangerous as it seems harmless. 

After beating up this monster they reunite at their HQ (the submarine) and Ross explains to the team that it's time for each one of them pick a mission (like he did for himself in the previous arcs) and the team will do it for anyone that is chosen, no questions asked. 

Luckily for Punisher he was the chosen one in the draw, he pick some very powerful mob family the "Paguros". They seem to control most of the crime in NYC, always in the shadows of the gangs, they let the gangs do their dirty work. Frank never managed to kill them. 

Frank choose the field team: Venom, Elektra and Deadpool and the tactical support Ross and the Leader.

In the end of this issue we see planet Earth with many spaceships approaching... "Infinity" is coming...


PLOT: Glad that Soule is on board and he arrived at the right time to put this team at the spotlight for this "Infinity" event. I like how he written all this story even the battle with the huge gamma cow that seems like a pokémon monster was a very entertaining to read.

This issue has a good sense of humour with Deadpool and his crazy talks and more important than humour, Soule seems to catch everyone's personality flawlessly.

Another important thing, the interaction between all the team is great in my opinion, couldn't expect more from him. Besides this being a mission designed for the Punisher, everyone gets their own space to shine, once again thumbs up for Mr. Soule.

ART: Until now this is the only letdown for me, the characters seems to be drawn for morning cartoons, huge chins and some with no waist. This art seems more like sketchy than the final work. It's weird because there are times when the panel closes in for a specific character we see some good details.

Good work for GURU eFX with coloring of all the issue, nothing to add.

COVER: Like always Tedesco has accostumed us with good covers and this one is no exception, i would like to see him doing the interiors in the near future. From what i have seen, he deserves it.

ENTERTAINING LEVEL: I liked this issue a LOT, my favorites until now were T-Bolts #12 and now #14, good dynamics between the team, ACTION, humour and enough plot to keep us hoping (desperately) for the next issue. Let's hope Soule continues to give us this quality and i believe he will.




  1. If only the cover artwork matched the illustrations...

  2. Yeah, it's true. But the issue itself is so well made that the artwork is almost irrelevant.

  3. My problem with this issue is what the Punisher says... Frank thinks that the more bad guys he kills... the less of them there will be. Well that's wrong, Frank should know by now that everything he's done since 1976 won't make a differences, it won't make the world a safer place. Hell that type of understanding goes all the way back to Steven Grant in the 80's.

    The artwork looks like something from a Mad or Cracked magazine (remember them?).