Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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PLOT (SPOILERS): This issue begins with Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool and Venom stuck in the traffic while they transport some misterious box that Frank had in his possession. Deadpool's is tired of being in the traffic and leaves the van and hang himself in the city to find some food. He tells the team that he will help them kill the Paguros when they find them.

In the sub Sterns( The leader) hides from Ross that the team is in danger while the city is being invaded by unidentified objects.

Back into the team they are trying to gathering intel on the Paguros without success, they find some thugs on the street, Elektra lures them into the van while Flash web them up in the back of the van for interrogation.
They got nothing on the thugs they caught and when they leave Frank leaves them a little "present" for them without Flash noticing it.

They found the Nobili family (the guys that were beat by the Paguros in the first issue) they lure them into the van and without any special effort they spill it out the werebouts of the Paguros. The team notices some explosion, Deadpool's too, suddendly the subway stops and we see a panel with the team and Deadpool looking in the sky with dozens of ships invading the city.

In the sub we see Mercy doing some sort of "meditation" and suddendly she felt millions of people thinking about death while Sterns is carefully watching her.
Ross discovers that the city is being invaded and confront Sterns he pretends to be surprised and without Ross authorization he surfaces the sub right in the middle of the alien ships.


WRITING: Charles Soule keeps giving us some of his quality writing and a great dynamic between the team. The dialogues between the characters are great and his Deadpool like i said in the last review is very funny. There is great moments like the discussion in the van with Frank breaking up some nonsense talk between Deadpool and Venom. Elektra's lurings the thugs and The Punisher giving some "goodies" to the thugs. Did i mention that Deadpool dialogues in this issue are great? Every appearece he gets in this issue are great!

ART: Nothing new to add, i'm still not used to this art, it looks decent when Palo's is closing up the characters but in distance their design is odd it seems really sketchy.

COVER: Like always Tedesco covers are top notch, great colors and a dark tone like this book should be. His Red Hulk is great, the best i have seen in this comic like the other characters. Well done Mr. Tedesco.

ENTERTAINING LEVEL: I have talk about pretty much of the entertaining level in the "writing" section. This book don't have the action that the previous issue had but the pace of the story is great. The team has to deal with two things the Paguros and the invasion. I'm quite curious too see what this will lead. Is there some consequences to The Leader's actions? Either way good issue.




  1. At times Frank and the others look so skinny, they look like Wile E. Coyote... I see that Elektra had to be drawn fuller to be sexy, otherwise who the hell would be attractive to an anorexia???

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