Thursday, September 26, 2013


Review #1 by @Ivo

Forget all the Punisher stories you have read, this particularly story is a different take than the usual we are used to. This is a crime story, don't expect any high body counts or a killing spree Frank Castle.

I'm going to be frank, i had to read this 2 times, at first i found the story boring, i'm not used to this kind of stories and all the "mechanics" that happens in the courtroom it's not on my favorite things to read.
But i've read it a second time and my initial thought changed a bit.

Frank turned himself in for killing the missing district attorney Alex Shapiro, anyone that knows Frank, this isn't the regular "modus operandi", but he is definetely cooking something. 
We got some action scenes when the cops arrested Frank in the precinct, when some cell mates visit Frank and in the flashbacks during this issue when he is at the court. That's all the action we have for this issue.

Guggenheim introduced us a new character Lisa Santos, she is a public defender. I really like her, strong personality and she isn't afraid of Frank. But she knows this kind of attitude of Frank isn't normal, she suspects that he is thinking of commiting a crime in the court.

Storywise we see that Guggenheim has some real knowledge of how the courtroom works and he is building an interesting Punisher. Like i said before this isn't the regular shoot em up issue, this is a mastermind Frank. He is fighting with his mind instead of the bullets and i really like this. I really want to see how this will wrap up, specially when Frank showed Lisa some kind of "formula" of his how to do list.

The art is just amazing Leinil Yu is one of my favorite artists, to me he could be the official Punisher artist with Marco Checcheto. I haven't see this kind of art since Checcheto leave the Punisher. Great work for Sunny Gho in the colors too.

PLOT: 3/5
ART: 4.5/5
COVER: 4.5/5


Review #2 by @neil4LOST

Trial of the Punisher #1 is an instant classic. It is in the same vein of Rucka's storytelling style in that it is both gritty and incredibly smart. It is a story of a man that is not only smarter than everyone else but he has more conviction than ever.

From the very first scene to the very last panel the reader is treated to a courtroom style drama in which Castle is calculating his every move...and the moves of everyone else. It is clear that Punisher has a very clear method to his madness in the way he walks straight into the closest police station to turn himself in.

The story moves quick without sacrificing the story and this two-part story is shaping up to arrive at a thrilling conclusion. With this good of a premise, the way the story is being told and the intelligence in how it is being told it is too bad that this story arc couldn't last for several more issues.

Lastly, the art is spot on and is somewhat comparable to the amazing Checchetto. Yu draws each character with lots of life and a large amount of intrigue.

Overall score: 4.5 out of 5



  1. This is a great story although was created back in 2006. It seems the mob isn't a force as in the past and new opponents should be tried. The original Punisher series had Frank take on Bikers, Serial Killers, Kingpin, International Drug Cartels, Cambodian Gangs, and Super Villains. There is an idea out there to have all the writers and artists from the Punisher's 27 year run and have a 1 year story arc where Frank is killed and a new Punisher takes over. I like that instead of Frank vs. Mob stories. This comes from the fact that there is no regular Punisher book so it seems to have run it's course. Similar to Daredevil End of Days although with no Frank Castle appearances after the end of the 1 year arc.

  2. "Frank turned himself in for killing the missing district attorney Alex Shapiro"

    Of my god... how... boring... I fail to see when Fight did fight the Mod, he wasn't smart or a mastermind. So he's a retard half the time? All that military training, planning and streets smarts for the past 36 years doesn't mean a thing huh... just him getting himself arrested puts on him the genius level now?

    "There is an idea out there to have all the writers and artists from the Punisher's 27 year run and have a 1 year story arc where Frank is killed and a new Punisher takes over."

    Wow... have Punisher fans of today become so easily amused and bored that they want him killed off so that a cheap knockoff takes over?? Does anyone remember Punisher 2099??? So we would just see someone else fighting the Mod instead of Frank... how would that be any different or better??? Jenny Cesare said it best when she pretty much said that no one else can do what he does. But I guess the fans just don't get that at all anymore...

    1. I agree with that statement about how only Frank can get it done. Frank has gone as far with the mob he can go and deserves a fitting end. He is not immortal like Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, or Daredevil. Time for one last, great hurrah and a fitting end.

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    3. As always you are taking conclusions without seeing the issue or know whats coming next. This is a different take on the character, not my favorite, but it's quite decent.

  3. I am a huge Punisher fan and have all the titles going back to the '86 mini-series. I miss a regular monthly title so this is a good fix. The mob has been destroyed and the crime element has changed so it would be good to see new enemies face off against Frank. My only thing is that Frank is not immortal and if he is only going against the mob he needs a great end permanently. I do remember Punisher 2099, Lynn Michaels, Sgt. Cole-Alves, Payback, Carlos Cruz, and Microchip. None pull it off better than Frank. Frank needs to take on new enemies (Thunderbolts) or he needs to get taken down by the criminal element after making a major dent in a global criminal organization where only the heros of the Marvel Universe can clean it up and acknowledge Frank's good and bad sides. They pulled it off in Punisher War Jornal #80 with a great ending and Rucka's Punisher #16. I am looking for a real ending like PunisherMax #22 set in a real timeline. Thanks.