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This is the best arc so far, Charles Soule gives us a really nice plot when we can find anything: action, comedy and even a sexy moment.

Punisher, Elektra and Venom are in the bunker wasting criminals and looking for the Paguros. When the Nobili's family was exposed by inhuman gas and transformed into real Inhumans. The two sons (Carmen and Joseph) both died the first one killed himself and the other got shot in the head by the Paguros criminals, the only inhuman remnant is the dad Gordon Nobili who probably will be after Punisher to avenge his sons deaths.

In this issue we discover how powerful Mercy is, while she pretty much handles most of Thanos forces by herself, finally we get some Mercy action and see what she is capable of. On the other side Ross can't control her which definetely she will become a threat in the future.

Deadpool is in the restaurant and he finally discovers why he was so obssessed by it, meanwhile the Paguros arrived to the restaurant and Deadpool kills them.

In the end Frank and Elektra goes to the battle van to "celebrate" together the successful mission.


Charles Soule is doing a great job "recovering" this book after Daniel Way passed the mantle to him. He is portraying pretty well the characters in general and built a decent plot. Although i think the Thunderbolts just overpowered the Paguros, they didn't really pose a threat to the team in my view.

I was expecting some showdown between the task force and the inhumans but sadly that not happen but i'm looking forward to see more from Gordon "Inhuman" Nobili in the future.

Another that i found it kind of odd was Frank and Elektra "celebrate" together, i thought at the end of issue #12 the "relationship" of these two had vanished when Frank found out that she let Orestez escape.

I liked the touch of the name of the pizza restaurant P' Pizza with some note in latim " Nobis Est Domi" that means Us At Home, Us at home P'(aguros) Pizza. Really cool!

It's really a shame that the artwork didn't keep up the same quality as the writing, i have seen some works of Jefte Palo, he even was the artist in one-shot Punisher MAX: Little Black Book, and i loved his work in that story. Don't know why he pick this kind of art for this book, maybe it's because the humour... i don't know.

Tedesco (Covers) and GURU eFX have been really constant in terms of quality in this book.

ARC SCORE: 3.5 / 5



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  1. This issue sucked... but somehow banging/fucking each other is called a "relationship"??? Still using that word huh... if he was doing it with someone like Mystique or Typhoid Mary, characters who have killed dozens of innocent people and don't care, then I would have a problem with it. But Soule's reason for Frank having a problem with Elektra in issue #12 was pretty weak.