Monday, January 27, 2014

PC POST #187: -REVIEW- Punisher and Deathstroke "The Ambush" a fanfic by Black Stone

posted by @Ivo

Today i will present you a new kind of post... I will review a fanfic written by Black Stone. This man have written a few fanfics featuring the Punisher and other characters. He's one of the most enthusiast fans of the Punisher i know. You can found him and the most hardcore fans in GPA ( Global Punisher Army). Link.

Check out Blackstone's fanfics:

Click on this link to read the story. Deathstroke and the Punisher: The Ambush

Deathstroke and the Punisher : The Ambush

Slade Wilson, Deathstroke The Terminator is hunting down The Punisher. There will be blood. And bullets. And death.


This is a short story with more or less 5500 words, anyone can read it in a few minutes, you won't waste time.

This is not the typical Deathstroke vs Punisher story, Blackstone write this story in a very smart way. Besides this story being a fanfic you could believe this could happen in some sort of crossover between the "Big Two".
One thing that was impressive is that when i was reading it, in my head, was like reading a comic book i have imagine all the battles, movements of the characters thanks to all details Blackstone give us in this story. His know how of weaponry is really good too.

By the title you will think that it will be only Punisher and Deathstroke story, you're wrong, this will feat various characters from the two companies (DC & MARVEL). Seat back you will be surprised!

The dialogues are good and the synergy between the characters are great, everyone is in character in this story, don't expect any overate stuff.

The Punisher that is portrayed in this story is the character i love, he is a man with few words but effective as his bullets and this Frank rememeber me the Punisher from the early 90's ( my favorite) not too social but not a robot or a senseless cold killing machine.

This was a great surprise to me and to Frank! ( you will see in this story) Blackstone nail it in every way!

OVERAL RATING: 4 out of 5



  1. That was my favorite Punisher Era too of the early '90s. Especially when they linked all three titles with "Suicide Run," then continued with "Pariah," in War Journal and had Lynn Michaels and Carlos Cruz as Punishers, then ended all three titles with "Countdown." I consider that ending the best next to Rucka's.
    Enough of the good old days, this Edmondson title looks great. I would like to see some continuity though. How did Frank escape from the underwater prison and go into thunderbolts? Will Frank leave the Thunderbolts eventually? Will they tie the new title in with any of this? Probably not, everything is stand alone these days. Looking forward to next week anyway.

  2. This was a very interesting read indeed, never expected what came out of it.

    I'm surprised that this review came around, fan fiction isn't the most beloved form of writing out there, but I won't complain. Hell it was Black Stone himself who inspired me to write my own stories.

    Speaking of which(sorry for the self-promotion) I got my own stories out but the one I like the most is what I call "Punisher War Chronicles" Which is my version of a Punisher run in an alternate universe. Right now I'm in a current arc called "Mayhem in Miami" but I have one arc down called "Untouchable" I'm not asking for a review but check it out IS,(

    Also, look up Punisher: Park Predator( it's a very worth while read as well.

  3. Suicide Run... you mean the Dead of Superman rip-off??? The 90s was the beginning of a long downfall for the character.

  4. Yes, that is correct. I liked the fact they were trying to kill Frank with honor at the time with Suicide Run. They did a great job on the final issue of Punishermax 22 in February 2012. I consider that canon with Frank's death.
    I don't know think there is any continuity is now, seems to be stand alone although this new series looks great.
    The long downfall is correct, the Punisher ended with issue #105 in 1995. The next series ended with issue #18 in 1997. Then, limited Angel Punisher Series. Garth Ennis revived the series in 2000 and had a great run with 75 issues with 26 issues of War Journal. I think people were really into payback during the 2000s due to 9-11 and both wars possibly. Rucka didn't break 16 issues. Honestly, I think only the die hard punisher fans are left, unless new markets are opened here and overseas in Latin America and Asia using digital format. Older people like myself (39) will go and buy the paper copy as long as it is 1-2 issues a month with maybe one special a year. My wife despises comic books so the monthly Punisher fix is enough, maybe the Thunderbolts although I expect Frank's character to leave or the series to finish this year maybe. I also think comics are an escape from reality and the larger audience and disney's backing don't want a vigilante comic with adult themes. That isn't escape to many people, only revenge fiction that played well in the 2000s although now, people are tired of that.
    I would take all the points written here a month ago to make this punisher series a great, long run (beyond 1-1/2 years) and switch from Frank being the Punisher to another character. Personally, I don't want to see him de-age, just an honorable end like in 2012.

  5. Jesse: I will look into your fanfics when i can.

    Derek: I will not expect that Edmondson will explain how Frank get out of the underwater prison. I think Soule is the one who has to... But nowadays it seems that continuity isn't important no more.

    To me the downfall of the character began subtly when Marvel launched 3 ongoing titles for a character like the Punisher. It handled right until some point but it was impossible to keep up good sales. And not to mention the many books the Punisher appeared, in certain way the public got tired of him.

    Punisher Vol. 3 (18 issues) was not so bad... I agree that Frank working with the Mafia condemn this title, but after he quit it he had some interesting stories ( issues 11 until 18 are really decent imo). Angelic Punisher was just hit the bottom.

    I don't want that Frank quit for being the Punisher ever... That was tried in the past with Lynn Michaels and Carlos Cruz.

  6. I also wanted to say the fanfic by Black Stone was a great read. It ocurred to me that I have never read a book with Frank's character and my imagination filled in nicely.
    Yes, other punishers were tried in the past and Rucka also has Cole-Alves in LA too. Frank is not a teenager from the depression with a super serum still fighting nazis in the present day or Nick Fury, or a mutant, or a god, or a super human. Everyone passes the torch or goes out in a blaze of glory. That is my opinion only.
    As long as the sales are 60,000 to 70,000 a month the title will go on. Rucka's series was cancelled at 44,000 a month so everyone can have an opinion on the character besides mine, as long as they buy the comic. I did read from the Edmonsdon interview where he has stories for 1-1/2 years so that is at least 18 issues and the subscription is up so 12 issues for sure. from this Punisher series.