Tuesday, January 7, 2014

PC POST #184: More artwork from Punisher #1!

posted by @Ivo

Yesterday Nathan Edmondson posted a link yesterday with an interview and with artwork from Mitch Gerads for Punisher #1 coming up on 5th of Feb 2014...

What Would Frank Do?

I can't wait for this! And we still have a full month to get our hands on this beauty.

From what i've seen about this art, Mitch Gerads is capturing Frank Castle flawlessly. More and more i have high hopes that Nathan Edmondson and Mitch will deliver an epic ride, full of bullets, action and punishment!



  1. This is gonna be great so far only garth ennis has written great frank castle stories but this looks like itll be amazing

  2. I hope you're right... I have high hopes for this series!

  3. Man, there really going for a Call of Duty look with this...