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Road Trip! This issue is Leader centric like Soule did with the Punisher (#12) and Mercy (#13). After the events of the Infinity arc the team goes on a road trip in the Punisher's Battle Van ( please Mr Soule, don't call it War Wagon, War Wagon is what the Executioner used on his missions).

I liked this issue, because this issue is more darker and serious than we are used to. Plot wise it's very well done. This issue is based on Leader plans to eliminate the team inside the Battle Van while they are traveling. As the most smarter member his arrogance takes the best of him and in my opinion he take out the team too easily but like he said in the end there are many variables that can change his plans. And the probability to him to fail are huge since Ross and specially Frank don't trust him at all.

About the artwork, Walta did in my opinion better job than Palo's giving the same cartoonish taste without making too weird.

Overal Rating: 3 out of 5


For this annual the creative team changed as the writers are Acker and Blacker and in the pencils Lolli Matteo and guess what they did a really good job in portraying all the characters in this book.
I was a little ceptic at first and i asked myself how this team will handle with magical stuff... Well the old motto "fight fire with fire" is applied perfectly in this issue.

So, Dr. Strange went rogue and the only way to stop him his using this team of antiheroes, with no magic powers...
Acker and Blacker did an amazing job in this issue, it's action packed and they seem to find some good balance between street level characters vs magic characters. This still got good humour and some crazy lines.
The final battle was kind of surprise to me in way, but Frank has showed in past to resist magic tricks like the Ghost Rider's "Penance Stare" so it was cool to see Frank endure magic attacks of "Dr. Strange".

The artwork is just amazing by Matteo Lolli, it's best artist i've seen in this book! I wish he can do more issues in the future for this title.
Overal rating: 3.5 out of 5


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  1. Why would Frank let Deadpool touch him at the beginning? He shoots him in issue #18 to shut him up, but here, he lets Deadpool grope him... another writer who can't follow continuity.

    "I'm the mother (Black Blank) Punisher"... good god, this read likes a fan fiction from a teenager. This issue is way too fast paste, it's like a jump cut from them meeting the Viking woman to Flash in bed with her. Lazy ass writing as always. The only good thing about this issue was the ending with Frank, about how the fake Doctor Strange couldn't make him happy and he was able to kill him. This issue (alone with this whole series) is for preteens who find fighting and explosions exciting.