Friday, December 13, 2013

PC POST #181: New Punisher fan film on the way!

posted by @ivomgs

There is a new Punisher fan film on the way and the new Punisher will be Kevin Porter!

Kevin Porter has taken the role of Batman in various projects.

There isn't many details about this upcoming fan film for now we know that is nothing to do with Bat in the Sun productions or Super Power Beat Down as i initially thought...

Ignore the facial hair.

For the brief talk i had with Kevin, this is his own interpretation of the character and the costume Kevin picked the "classic" because of Punisher earlier appearences designed by John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru. We will stay alert for any developments regarding this fan film.

You can join his facebook page at :

Batman: City of Scars



  1. Oh god, a Frank Castle in tight leather spandex with another so-called actor that can't act for shit. Thomas Jane and Garth Ennis will be the only two people do to a realistic version of the character. Garth always made sure that Frank never dressed himself in such crap. But everyone else just wants to go off into dumb cartoon comic book action crap. Classic doesn't mean good or relevant. It's outdated is what it is.

  2. Lets just hope Marvel won't be dicks and come down on them. Since the whole the Dead Can't Be Distracted incident went down, I feel the Marvel will do cease and desist even if it was something original. I think they crack down once and a while just to show fan film makers they can do it.

    As for the whole classic suit thing, who cares if Frank wears it. I love how these Ennis worshippers have to have 100 percent realism. Even the MAX stuff had over the top stuff as well.

  3. Jesse- I don't believe that Marvel will hunt down this one, because if it is an original plot it's ok. Punisher No Mercy film didn't got any problems.

    I don't know what was the plot on TDCBD, but it looked like the run of Rucka's they even probably take off a few scenes and that's to Marvel could be a problem.