Thursday, August 14, 2014


posted by Ivo Santos (facebook/twitter)


I don't have words to describe how great this issue was... I can risk to say it was the best from the series to date! In this issue Acker and Blacker gave us an excelent ride to the supernatural and showed us what the Punisher can do if he is unleashed.

This issue is Frank centered and explains how he survived the blast of a bomb planted in his warehouse. He blames Thunderbolts for it and one by one he is hunting them down... Leader and Faustus are out of equation and now Deadpool's is out too. The dialogue between him and Frank is hilarious.

Essentially this issue showed us how Frank preparing the battle with Ghost Rider. He made a contingency plan in case something went wrong... The best part in my opinion was all the prep work Frank did to be prepared for this battle.. In fact he was ready a long time ago since the inclusion of Ghost Rider in the team.
The fight itself is great and this issues is action packed and with high entertaining value.

Jacinto's artwork was decent but sometimes it looked rushly sketchy... He was the artist in previous issues and it seemed he did a lot better than this, but it's my impression.

Couldn't be more happier with this book right now, i won't miss this series but if Acker and Blacker keep up this pace it's a good farewell for the readers.

OVERALL RATE: 8.0 / 10



  1. Man, your standers have taken a new low and I didn't think that was possible... why would Frank even be apart of this team if it didn't suit his ways of doing things?? Why didn't Red Hulk tell him that in issue 1#???

    Somehow just because Frank prepared for this battle... he easily beat Ghost Rider???? It's just like I said, one minute you people say he's human, he can be hurt and killed... the next, he can taken on Ghost Rider, someone who literally almost beat God... yet, now somehow Punisher beats him as an after-thought...

    Punisher fans will whine and bitch when this happens to the character, but they don't say a word when it happens to another character who clearly outclasses him...

  2. Punisher has faced Ghost Rider many times, writers can make every character look like God. He didn't beat him easily as you said, Ghost Rider controlled the fight, go read it, because you talk about you don't know. The Punisher was in god-mod in Punisher Kills Marvel Universe and i didn't seen you complaint when i post that. You have to decide yourself, if you want to continue to whine or embrace in Marvel 616, this isn't MAX. Everything is possible. So whine, bitch all you want this is what it is.