Thursday, August 28, 2014


posted by Ivo Santos (Facebook/Twitter)

I'm liking this arc and i was amazed by last issue, but this one was a disappointment.

Well first of all, i liked how Acker and Blacker linked some flashbacks in this issue to a past run written by Ennis that gave me a feeling of continuity, i really liked that.

In this issue we see through some past flashbacks how outclassed Frank is towards Elektra in hand to hand skills (which is right!) fighting with other goons or even in training with Elektra. But most of it this was a game from both characters since none of them weren't willing to take the other. This issue seemed like a quarrel of Mr. and Ms, Smith and nothing more.
Personally i think Elektra was handled right through all this issue, but not Frank. We learn in this issue that Frank offered a "gift" for Elektra ( an bronze heart of a Capo she killed when they first met, Frank made it bronzed) it's really weird to see it and out of character, in my opinion.

Even the artwork didn't save this issue, it seemed a bit sketchy, like some others we have seen through this Thunderbolts book... Unfortunately.
Although i loved the cover, very retro and remind me of the old ads from the 60's or 70's. Thumbs up for David Yardin.

I had high hopes for this issue, after the last ones that were amazing, this will not make the work of Acker and Blacker the worst, if this issue wasn't for my taste and the other two are good this arc will be pretty amazing for me.

I didn't expect that the Punisher could kill Elektra or turned all of a sudden a master ninja and beat her h2h, but i expect he could beat her physically and not emotionally like he did. He broke her, it's a fact but not the way i imagined. And what was the point of Elektra being in the Central Park and saw Frank's wailing, just one way to relate to him because she did the same when her father died? Does the fact that they are both psychopaths isn't enough for them to being close?

Another thing i find it odd is the flashback on Frank's origin, in this issue we see Frank's family killed in a shootout between mobsters but originally they stumble in a mob execution. Don't know if this is a new retcon for the Punisher origin or a distraction from writers, editors or the artist.

I'm still rooting for this title and i hope the last two issues make some justice for this last arc of Thunderbolts.




  1. The artwork is awful, it's looks too cartoonish. There failed attempt at trying to put humor into this issue. They were able to remember that Marvel Knights issue between Frank and Elektra... but the event that changed Frank into the Punisher, in which the mob saw them and killed them... they got that wrong......... well, they've gotten a lot of things wrong, so this really isn't a shock. Also, in that flashback, why is Frank just fighting with his hands and not with any guns???? Sure, he knows hand-to-hand combat, but he's not that good. Elektra saved his ass in those fights.

    "but i expect he could beat her physically"


  2. What do you didn't understand that he didn't want to kill her? He didn't use any guns because he "likes" her.

  3. This was worst issue so far...Next one I'm hoping will be better. Origins were all wrong, such lazy writing and the art made it look like an after school cartoon show. Could not take the bronze heart thing seriously at all as it just made the moments between Punisher and Elektra look extra cheesy with a side of mozzarella.

  4. Completely agree with your analysis Unknown.