Wednesday, September 3, 2014


posted by Ivo Santos (Facebook/Twitter)


If Punisher has a recurrent story all these years... well... maybe it's him in prison and most of them are really good stories and Nathan Edmondson built a very solid story.

After the events of last issue, Black Widow "delivered" or "dropped" the Punisher in a south american prison.

Nathan Edmondson built a strong story where we can see Frank trying to take info as much as he can about the inmates and through his inner monologue we can see what he thinks about criminals in jail, there is nothing new in here but it was great to see that Frank's psych is still untouched.
After a few issues without seeing his supporting cast it was good to see Officer Sam Stone and Lou, both of them are still in L.A. and dealing in their own ways to the increasing crime rating but both are in trouble...

After a few issues that Frank's mission seemed to be in stand-by it got back in the right track and he seems really focused on it.
This issue isn't action packed but i think Edmondson is building a strong root for this upcoming arc and it doesn't seem like a slow burn at all, and we got a plus he add a new player to this run, the second sun came to L.A. to finish what his brother couldn't do it.

I really hope that this new villain can bring new things to the table and this issue feels like a new beggining for the character, so for everyone who wants a jumping point, now it's the chance.

Mitch Gerads continues to shine in this book, his artwork is consistent and he did a really cool fight between Frank and some inmates. As always he nailed it and his contribute make this book even better issue by issue.

OVERALL RATE: 7.5 out of 10 



  1. Edmondson does excel at the inner monologue throughout this series. Maybe the key is to have 2 issue arcs instead of 6 issue arc to keep the change fresh. The payoff for issues 1-6 was not worth it for an entire 6 issues, maybe 3. The jungle arc 7-8 was short and sweet, then issue 9, now arc 10-11 in jail, always Frank's target-rich environment will be great groundwork for another LA arc. Let's see the brother get squashed as well and dispatch the ridiculous howling commandos while smudging the defense secretary!

  2. Totally agree with you Derek, the first arc with 6 issues was just too much he could compressed the arc with only 3 or 4 tops. But the writers keep insisting in writing in trade format, which is wrong for this character. The Punisher works better in 2/3 issues per arc.

  3. Thanks Nathan Edmondson, thanks for making the Punisher the weakest and dumbest character in all of Marvel... how many times has Frank needed help (one-man army my ass!) and gotten his ass handed to him in this series??? I miss Garth Ennis...