Monday, October 6, 2014


First of all, i want to apology for the long wait for this review but here it is, the wait is over and the
disappointment remains since last issue and i will explain.
This could be one of the greateast arcs of this series and i feel that Acker and Blacker waste it due to plot and dialogue. Last issue we got some background story with Elektra and Frank that in my opinion turned out to be some soap opera melodrama that nothing has to do with both characters specially the Punisher... (Giving gifts to Elektra? Give me a break).
Now this issue in terms of action it's really good, it's action packed and the fight scenes are very decent, but what throw this issue into an abyss was the dialogue between Ross and Frank. It seems that a child of 8 years old wrote this dialogue. (Both characters calling stupid jerk to each other? Really?) Not to mention other examples that can be found through this issue.
Hawkeye and a second rate Avengers team breaks up the fight with Punisher and Red Hulk, Hawkeye behaved like someone who suffers from split personallity, first he talks with Frank like an old buddy, shake hands, etc.. and as soon as Elektra appears and unveil that Leader planned out everything and used a LMD (Life Model Decoy) to fake his own death, Hawkeye orders that Frank, Ross and Elektra to be arrested.

The artwork by Jacinto was decent and way better than issue #30, but some silluette parts of the characters are a bit exaggerated, for example the arms of the Punisher.

I really liked the work of Acker and Blacker in the first three issues of this arc and specially the annual they wrote for this book, but don't know what happened since issue #30 things seems a bit unbalanced and way out of character.

OVERALL RATE: 6 out of 10
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  1. Action junkies will take anything if it's got hand to hand combat, gunfire, and explosions. A 6 out of 10... talk about being way too kind...