Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Review by: Neil Byce, aka @Neil4LOST

*WARNING* This review may contain spoilers for this specific issue.

This issue of The Punisher actually revived my faith a little bit in the direction that Nathan Edmondson is taking this book in.

In this issue plot development was a real strong point and readers were also treated to many surprises along the way. It is clear that Edmondson has a plan for where he is taking the story but he is not allowing readers to see where it's headed. He is forcing us to take that journey completely through the lense of Frank Castle himself. There is one storyline at the end however that I fear will cause some big issues for long-standing Punisher fans.

Gerads art seems to be solid again throughout the issue but there were a few panels that seemed odd and out of place. There are times when his art is incredible and other times where it is puzzling. It would be nice to see strong work from start to finish but overall it is well done.

One the best elements of this issue is that Edmondson ties this story back together with Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto's Punisher run. I did not expect this at all. Even though I was happy to see this I am a little puzzled by how this will work exactly moving forward.

In conclusion, this issue was one of the best of the run so far and I am personally hoping that this brings hope for fans that were concerned that this book would be short-lived.

OVERALL SCORE 8.5 out of 10

Next issue will be again reviewed by Ivo.


  1. Series taking off at issue 11. Could have been compressed into four issues although I am not a huge fan of extensive foreshadowing. Background on interaction between Black Widow helped out so I didn't think Frank was just going to keep losing to the marvel universe. Not a fan of the new howling commandos. I like Nick Fury who did it with walkie talkies and flippers instead of future, non-existent technology that doesn't win warfare just keeps the game going for the military. Frank will push them out nicely and hopefully smudge the defense secretary at the same time. Even with my complaints, I am glad the series is building towards something big and hope others keep buying the book and make beyond issue 15 to a long-running series. Thanks for the review!

  2. His Punisher will just end up being remembered as one of the boring and weakest because as someone else said, "Edmondson's writing him as this witty, dashing, even jovial man of mystery and that's just... not Frank."

    "There is one storyline at the end however that I fear will cause some big issues for long-standing Punisher fans"

    Well that's nothing you have to worry about