Saturday, November 1, 2014


Review by @Ivo Santos (facebook/twitter)

After two and half years this team finally was disbanded and this series has meet it's end. Everytime i think about the opportunities this team could have in Marvel U, it's not good for any fan of this anti-heroes... not good at all.

About this issue, overall it was better than the last two... Acker and Blacker did a decent job on finishing this last issue, even the art seemed more polished and slightly better than previous issues. It was nice seeing Leader as ruler of Kata Jaya but Acker and Blacker should've wasted less pages on him.

After the Avengers release the arrested Thunderbolts to clean up their mess ( Leader) for the first time while invading Kata Jaya they show us some great team work while taking out Leader's forces. But despite the good result this was their last ride together, no one from this team wanted to continue. And what's great is that Deadpool figure it out in the last pages why this team didn't work out.

Like i have said in the first paragraph it was a shame that after being written by four writers no one could find the right pace for this team, or could unchained them in Marvel Universe. They got an opportunity in "Infinity" event and they could have done something relevant while Thanos forces were invading earth but no, they focused on small fry. I could imagine this team turning 616 upside down by their ways, that the only team that could handle them were the Avengers... The real Avengers, not a second rated roster.

Personally i don't think that it's the writers fault, Soule, Acker and Blacker are really talented, i don't have any doubt in this but something or someone didn't let them do their work properly.
My favorite issues are Thunderbolts #12 ( Punisher solo story) and Thunderbolts Annual, the quality was really good that i don't know what went wrong. But i have to say that issue #30 is the worst of this series and i risk to say that is the worst of the last years regarding the Punisher. I hope someone from Marvel should learn something from this.  





  1. The world has moved on from antihero and only enjoys them in specific movies about revenge or up front criminals going good like the blacklist. This a be a bit long in the tooth but September 11 and 24 hour media has people somewhat tired of finding about about bad things never reported and rarely hear about successes in covert operations. I hope the regular punisher series builds to a great end. Xmen are out, anti hero's are out. Spider man and avengers are still in for great moneymakers. This series made me a deadpool fan, real touch of levity. Thanks for the review.

  2. That's why the Punisher stories should be focused in the streets, i don't mind from time to time he takeover major threats and fight against HYDRA, AIM, etc.. But the very foundation of his operations should be on the streets.

  3. When it comes to the world has moved on from antihero... the Punisher is living in a world were crime is down, there's only a few places in the US were it hasn't, although that's due to gun control laws that only affecting law-abiding citizens, the drug war that gives the criminals the change to get powerful and the police who abuse there power.

    But this is also a generation full of pussies, tough ruthless characters like the Punisher will eventually end up as a weak softer character, it's happen to others like Wolverine, Lobo, Casey Jones, Robocop, the list goes on and on.

  4. This doesn't have anything about a generation of pussies, Marvel is following where the money goes and they have figured years ago that the Punisher "mindless killer", one dimensional doesn't sell. It doesn't take two inches of brain to know this.

    I will defend the Punisher from the late 80's, to me it's the perfect characterization.