Wednesday, November 19, 2014


REVIEW by Ivo Santos ( Facebook/Twitter)

After a small detour to south America, Frank is back in L.A. Old ghosts (Dos Soles) are back and they are trying to reclaiming it by turning into chaos. The Howling Commandos are still looking for Frank and trying to get rid of him by luring him into  rescuing the last Castiglione member.

This issue was a good set up story for the upcoming arc, the pieces of the game were set in this issue and Edmondson is playing with them wisely. The pace of the story was good, the action was very decent without dead times, the action was not dedicated to the Punisher but to showing us the city in chaos.

Great news for all the fans of the old PUNISHER: ARMORY, we got a two pages dedicated to his equippment without too much detail and "dark humor" but quick references and images to his mobile armory.
And we can see Loot in great plan in this issue, i missed this coyote!

I was expecting seeing Rachel working with the Punisher but not for now... She was a fundamental key to bring Frank back to "earth" last issue but until now it was only that.

Mitch Gerads was amazing, very solid on the colors and liked a lot the motion he creates every panel, at least the feeling. We got many explosions and the city on chaos and he didn't disappoint, for contrary he was amazing. Great details on the Punisher armory too, and that last page... i just hear Hans Zimmer epic soundtrack in my head.

Nathan and Mitch are great partners and this book wouldn't be the same if we lost one or another. All the synergy behind the book it's because of them. I'm glad these two are working with my favorite character.

OVERAL RATING: 8.0 out of 10

*Next issue will be reviewed Neil Byce.


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  1. This issue has really picked up the pace with 4 buildings in downtown LA exploding. I liked the last page with the Punisher Skull which has made me forget the slow build from issues 1-10. Thanks for the review.