Tuesday, October 4, 2016

PC POST #321: Jon Bernthal photos on set for Marvel's Punisher... and the beard!

The Punisher's appearance in Marvel's Daredevil was a huge success. And Netflix/Marvel knew this answered to the fans with the confirmation of a solo series exclusively for the Punisher, with Steve Lightfoot as Executive Producer.

The series doesn't have a release date yet but the executives assured the fans that this would be released in 2018. Despite the rumors of the Netflix "gaffe" that pushed back this series for 2017.

Yesterday we had some developments about Marvel's Punisher. Just Jared shared some photos on set in Brooklyn featuring Jon Bernthal with a beard, jacket and a hoodie.

For some Punisher purists, Frank's beard might not look too good. 
Without speculating too much is that this might portray some hard times of Frank Castle after Daredevil season 2, he is a fugitive and well known by the public, this can be some sort of "disguised".

I can think that this might be a temporary "look" or it can portray the Punisher from Greg Rucka and Marco Chechetto's run.

The hair and beard look really similar to this.

There is another option. This looks to be a very early stages of the production it might be some prep work for the role, Jon Bernthal has posted images of a film he is doing right now exactly with this look.

There are a few possibilities about this new look of Jon Bernthal, for now we can just speculate about it.

Ivo Santos | @ivomgs

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