Sunday, October 16, 2016

PC POST #324: Homeless Frank Castle is shown on Marvel's Punisher and he answers about whom would win a fight between the Punisher and Batman (Video)

Today it was leaked by Just Jared the most recent Marvel's Punisher pictures and it is shown a homeless Frank Castle.
We can see Karen Page in the pictures giving some sort of package to him.The question is, is he doing some undercover mission or living a life as homeless to escape from the law?

One thing is certain, he is on the run. The public and law enforcers know his face maybe this could give us a hint about his beard too.

I have read pretty much every Punisher story and so far i don't see any link about a specific storyline.
Only the beard that can give us a link to Greg Rucka's and Marco Chechetto's run, but for the images released it doesn't look like that.

Who would win in a fight? Punisher or Ba...

There has been a lot of activity on the web about Jon Bernthal's NYCC interview when someone from the audience asked him who would win a fight between Punisher or Batman and Jon answered in a blink that would be the "Punisher".

Clearly Jon Bernthal would say that the Punisher would win against everyone. He is committed to the role and he is a fan boy of the character and Jon will always defend him.

Check the video below...

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