Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PC POST #367: -REVIEW- Deadpool vs The Punisher #05

 Another great miniseries comes to an end... And this one was the most well written, entertained, well drawn and action packed story I've read in the past years.
Sadly this only last 5 issues, Fred Van Lente did the "Ultimate" Punisher / Deadpool crossover you will ever get.

After the events of the last issue, we finally get an amazing fight between the Punisher and Deadpool, teased for most of this run, we finally get our prize in this last issue. Fred Van Lente respected both characters and give us a real treat for both fans of the Punisher and Deadpool.
Fantastic scenes that looked like that came out from a John Woo film or maybe... better than that.
Deadpool continues to be a jokester and always taunting the Punisher.

Van Lente built a great synergy between Deadpool and Punisher. They aren't friends and barely allies, but due to his writing, he makes them work together despite their differences.
The characters motivations are different and it will lead to a fight an expectable fight between them, Frank wants to cut the financial support of these major terrorist organizations and Deadpool wants to save his little friend Hudson, the kid who knows the codes to put down these organizations.
This story doesn't have a happy ending. But that doesn't mean it isn't a GOOD ending. And it was a good ending.

The art of Pere Perez and the coloring of Redmond make the visuals of this comic book astonishing. Very well drawn with amazing colors.
Pere Perez is the guy behind the fighting scenes that were the best thing I've seen lately in a comic book. Great motion and believable moves for each character skills.
Part of the success of this comic book goes to Pere Perez and Redmond. Both did such a great work in the visuals of this comic that I can't imagine this comic without them.

After so many years with fans demanding a fight between both characters, we finally had it. An excellent writer who respectfully wrote the best portrayal of both characters in a comic book.

Overal rate: 9 / 10

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