Tuesday, August 22, 2017

PC POST #370: Marvel's Punisher Legacy will start with a wrong renumbering?

It's been weeks since I'm thinking in renumbering myself the Punisher comics that will make Marvel start their Punisher Legacy with issue #218.
I always thought it was a bit low according to the runs the character had. After some thought, I think I did finally figure it out.

This is not the official renumbering!

If this renumbering is right, it's unbelievable how they ignored Punisher War Journal (1988) #01-#80, Punisher War Zone (1992) #01-#41 and the Punisher Marvel Knights by Ennis  Vol. 4 (#01-#12) and Vol. 5 (#01-#37) these are books set in the main Marvel Universe! It should count too. It's more 170 issues to add those "unofficial" #217 which equals 387 issues.

It's a mess if you ask me. But someone will say " Those are the main books of the Punisher set in the Marvel Universe", yeah, sure. The Punisher Marvel Knights were the main book of the character since the year 2000 to 2003 until they start publishing Punisher MAX and the Punisher integrated the Marvel Knights (Team) comic book which both doesn't count.
Maybe it's because it's branded by "Marvel Knights" they don't consider a "main run". I understand they don't consider limited series or runs out of continuity like MAX but clearly this count is a mess. Being this renumbering true or false, the Punisher clearly has more than #217 issues.

Until the release of the official renumbering by Marvel, I really doubt this count will fall too much from their count.
If they want to renumber it and start all over, they have to do it right. Maybe it's because of business and they think you can find the TPB's and hardcovers more easily than older runs? 
Personally, i don't know. But I would like to hear about why they excluded some runs and others don't.

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