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PC POST #148: -REVIEW- Thunderbolts #10

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Thunderbolts #10

After the last issue the Thunderbolts already know the identity of their villain, he is the brother of Elektra, Orestez Natchios and he wants her sister back.

Dr. Vanko the man who is responsible to give an army of crimson dynamos to Orestez discusses with him about the phone call to the Thunderbolts, the discussion didn't last long Orestez finished it very quickly.
Ross decides that the team will travel to London to confront Orestez. While Deadpool and Venom tried to learn some more intel about Dr. Vanko whereabouts. And they will learn what happen to him, the news are on the TV.

Now we get a panel to Serbia and we will see that a unit of crimson dynamos learn what happened to Dr. Vanko and they decide to go to London paying a visit to Orestez.

Back in London, while they are walking some random guy tries to mess with Frank and Elektra solved in the "nicest" way, this guy drops his cellphone and receives a text message. Ross thinks that this message will trigger a bomb inside the cellphone like it happen in Dagestan and grabs Elektra and the Leader and jumps to other part of the town while Frank runs out of the possible bomb radius.

When Ross ( in red Hulk state) arrives in the other part of town with Elektra and Leader, he sees that there wasn't any explosion but there is a few cops around them and people pointing their cellphones to them. These people receive a text message to give their phones to the Leader, some seconds after these cellphones start to ringing at the same time. Red Hulk answer one of them and says to the Leader that it's him who is on phone.


Until now this issue was the "weaker" of this arc, Daniel Way began this arc with a new "enthusiasm" good action scenes everywhere but after issue #8 he was losing it a bit. I know that there has to be space to develop the plot and this issue was definetely for this purpose but had 2 panels of some action one with Orestez and other with Elektra with the guy in London. And for this kind of book deserved a little better. 

And one important thing there isn't been no action with Frank Castle for two issues which is a huge let down for us.

I know most of the action will be in the next issue since it's the final issue of this arc. I got some complaint about the villains of this book, i didn't felt that the villains are a real threat to the Thunderbolts at least for now.

Phil Noto's art is keeping the same quality and GURU eFX colors the same. Both are doing great jobs and help this book.

The cover art is a mystery for me, while the art is good it has nothing to do with the comic. It could suggest that Elektra would betray the team but it doesn't seem that way, at least for now.

Next issue will be the last of Daniel Way in this book, i hope he ends this arc with a "bang".

PLOT: 3/5
ART: 4/5
COVER: 3/5


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  1. Space to develop the plot is only good when it's interesting and important. For the cover picture to happen in the next issue... ahhhh...

    Daniel Way is leaving and he won't be missed. But Steve Dillon is coming back, for one issue, but more King of the Hill artwork style...