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PC POST #153: REVIEW: Thunderbolts #11

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Thunderbolts #11

This issue begins with Deadpool and Venom talking in a parking lot about betraying Ross, Venom is troubled about what Mercy did to some people on Kata Jaya.

We see Punisher, Red Hulk, Leader and Elektra on a subway while Leader explains what happened with the cellphones of the people that were around them on last issue.

Then we see Orestez doing some publicity of his book and in the public, Orestez spot his sister Elektra. The Punisher tries to shoot him but she stopped Frank from doing it. Ross is with them too and he turns to Red Hulk at that time a bunch of crymson dynamos invades the room. 

Orestez begins to record on a cellphone all the battle inside the room, Elektra says to Red Hulk that Orestez wants to be a martyr and make them look like the real terrorists. Red Hulk doesn't care, in the heat of the battle we see the Leader going to a computer room and hacking all communications from CIA.

On other panel we see Deadpool and Venom capture an helicopter from the police. 

Back into the conference room Red Hulk is fighting all crymson dynamos all by himself.

Back on Frank while he is looking from Orestez he sees the recording cellphone and sees that Elektra is escaping with Orestez from the building.

Venom and Deadpool rescued Ross from the building when he beat all the crymson dynamos. Frank reached Elektra and asks her about her brother and she said he was gone.

On the last page we see Leader talking with Mercy and talked about how much he has learned about himself since he was awaked by Ross. Mercy says to that his true purpose is to lead.


Well this issue marks the end of a cycle, Daniel Way will leave the book to pass the torch do Charles Soule. 

Unfortunately in the beggining of this arc i got high hopes for this book but it ended as a huge let down. I even think that it went worse than the first arc.

About this issue, almost everything was done wrong the only thing i liked was the dialogue between Deadpool and Venom about betraying Ross, it's a cool dialogue between these two characters. I would wanted that Venom could ask Ross why Mercy incinerated that people on Kata Jaya, why thinking on betrayal when he could avoid that and ask him directly.

In the last review i mentioned that Frank wasn't doing nothing relevant for two issues, but with this one the count increases for three issues. He appeared more on this one but he didn't had any relevant action for a character like him. 

Why he is on this team, when we don't see what he does best? 
Why Red Hulk got all the action by himself and the other characters didn't had any activity or action by themselfs? Is this really a team book?
And why did i get the feeling that we didn't saw too much of a threat to this team, in two arcs?

Why Daniel Way keeps showing us split scenes without link them? In the last issue Red Hulk escaped with Elektra and the Leader from a possible bomb, leaving Frank behind. Red Hulk probably jump a few miles away from the possible bomb radius and in this issue we see them all together in a subway. This is just an example there are more in this issue.

One thing interesting is that i got the feeling that Mercy got a secret agenda and wants to turn the Leader against Red Hulk or the team. Her plans are unknown but in the upcoming issue it will be explained, i guess.

About the art, don't know what happened to Phil Noto and GURU eFX this book seems that somewhat they ended it in a hurry, the art went worse and the coloring didn't help a bit. What GURU eFX helped in the first arc and has done a good work in the beggining of this arc they throwed away all that i said about them previously...

The cover art was ok.
One interesting note, it seems that GURU made some mistake by coloring Orestez while escaping with Elektra like he was the Leader.

I don't have nothing to Daniel Way he make me believe on the potential of this team, i was always a ceptic about Frank's integration. Way have done good stuff but it wasn't enough to satisfy what i was expect from this book, i wish him the best for his upcoming projects.

PLOT: 2/5
ART: 3/5
COVER: 3/5


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