Saturday, June 15, 2013

PC POST #149: Punisher Rucka's run Tribute & Punisher: The Trial (two part series)

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Hi Punisher fans, today i will post a tribute that i have done some months ago and good news for every Punisher fan!

So, let's begin with the tribute.

This tribute was done to pay an homage to Greg Rucka's take on the Punisher. He deserved it and i hope he comes back for the character again... For the 1000th time, thank you for your fantastic run. This is for you.

NOW the good news, it seems that Marvel will give us another project that was on hold for some years it is called PUNISHER: TRIAL OF THE PUNISHER.

After Punisher: Nightmare by Gimple, Marvel is bringing back  another Punisher book that was on hold.

What to say about The Trial? This book was written by Marc Guggenheim and the artist is Leinil Yu.
By the synopse of this book it seems that the Punisher will surrender to the police and admits on his trial that he murdered a district attorney. This book will be a two-part series.
Personally this sounds very good and will give some boost on the character that is for now on a team book (Thunderbolts).

This two part series will be on the stores in September so stay tunned with us.

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