Sunday, October 13, 2013

PC POST #171: NEW Punisher ongoing in February 2014!

posted by @Ivo

Our bad boy is back! Finally it was revealed in NYCC that the teaser "Hunted" written by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads belongs to the Punisher!

This series will be debuting in February 2014 and we will see Frank moving to L.A. There wasn't any details revealed but this seems quite promising by looking at this cover. Mitch seemed to capture really well what a Punisher art should be.

Now all the Punisher fans should rest after this, after a long wait for a solo series, this seemed like the balanced of comic book industry has been restored. Thank you Marvel.

We wish the best for Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads, their success means a great book for all of us. 

Mitch Gerads shared on twitter this cool image of Frank!



  1. I'm not Daredevil... well no shit... oh great, another writer or artist who thinks there a comedian when it just comes out flat and doesn't make any sense. I will never get this comparison that people make between the Punisher and Daredevil... it's just as bad when people try to compare him with Batman or even... Captain America...

    Well at least he doesn't look like a poor man's rip-off of Naked Snake anymore. It looks as if he actually wants to be cleaned up and have good hygiene.

    Marvel can go screw itself, they've allowed so many of there characters (Frank included) to be messed up that there completely unlikable and unreadable these days.

    1. You're either an idiot or an asshole. It's obvious that's a random sketch shown just to tell you Frank is back in action and they compare Frank to Daredevil and Spider-man because he's the first person to shoot both of them. They have long history because Frank first appeared in their comics before he had one. And he is well acquainted with Capt. because he's good friends with Fury and the two met and fought multiple times. Regardless to that you're just being a dick because you can. I hated the Punisher looking like Snake as much as the next guy but really? Move on. Be happy Marvel didn't stop publishing him period

  2. This was random art, where is the problem? I love the t-shirt, i could have bought one for me LOL

    There is no comparison between the two, but the way the Punisher does his work surely hit the nerve of Daredevil. And just this.

    You should take a pill to calm yourself when there is news about the Punisher, you don't seem happy with anything, you're always throwing rocks.

    By the way tell me your best Punisher run just for me to try to comprehend your points...

    Because i can't, and i'm a little tired of your constant ranting about anything. I keep answering your posts but one of those days i will not.

    No hurt feelings, i just want to try to comprehend your points.

    No hurt feelings.