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(W) Charles Soule/ (A) Jefte Palo/ (C) Julian Tedesco

Another issue of Thunderbolts is out and you know what? It was incredibly fun!

After last issue that in general was really decent and the only inconsistencies i found were about the Punisher characterization, this one was really a good comic to read with all the action we have for the first page to the end.

We got in this issue three "events"... Punisher, Venom and Elektra finally attacking the Paguros headquarters, Red Hulk and Sterns finding a way to stop Mercy's mayhem and finally Deadpool's quest for his slices of pizza as we see in the cover.

I will begin with Deadpool's quest, he is a comedian, with all hell went loose on the streets and this guy is searching for some slices of pizza not to mention the way he traveled (with style) to the restaurant. I think this book sometimes got an excessive humour but i can't enough of Deadpool's jokes or his way of thinking. Charles Soule really nailed the character.

Punisher is leading the attack on Paguros HQ and Soule's give us really nice panels filled with action like this books deserves. And at the end of this issue we got a twist that involved Nobili's family.

I really liked how Soule did his role in this issue, personally i think the dosage of humour was well measured and fit perfectly in every situation. I'm looking forward on how Ross will stop Mercy and to see how our "Task Force" (Punisher, Venom and Elektra) will handle the Nobili's. They will definetely have something to say to our "Task Force". 

About the art, i'm getting used to but still not for me, Jefte Palo's got talent but the way choose to do the art in this book it's not adequate, in my opinion. Color FX like i have said before, give some extra boost to the quality of the art, in a good way.

The covers from Tedesco keeps the same quality as always.

PLOT: 4 / 5
ART: 3 / 5
COVER: 4 / 5




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  1. The artwork is still crap, it looks unfinished most of the time. Frank has dumb lines and scenes, like asking if Elektra needs a gun... what? Another poor attempt at a joke and trying to Elektra say something cool. Soule still has Frank acting like a nutcase, as if he has 0 combat experience. No professional soldier with 36 years of combat experience would fight in such a halfass way.