Thursday, October 24, 2013

PC POST #174: Punisher MAX miniseries by Ennis

posted by @Ivo

Punisher MAX miniseries by Garth Ennis!

Finally some news about this miniseries in 2014, what we will know in the clip below is that this miniseries will be a 6 part story called "The Platoon" and it will be placed pre-BORN with a Frank Castle with 0 combat experience since this is, his first tour in '68.

The artist is Goran Parlov.

Check the clip on mark 3:35

I'm really looking forward for this Pre-BORN series, i just found it odd why Marvel don't say nothing about this.

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  1. There should have only been the Punisher and Fury in the MAX world... but no, writer (yeah, right)Jason Aaron had to go and screw that up, along with everything else in the MAX world.

    We need a few more Vietnam stories of Frank from Garth, because those Nam issues back in the 90s where just shit in every sense of the word.