Saturday, December 5, 2015

PC POST #280: [Exclusive]Daredevil S02 teaser from ComicCon Brazil (No video)

A few hours ago in the ComicCon Brazil it was revealed a second teaser of Daredevil season 2, unfortunately this time we don't have any video to show, just a description from a Tumblr user...

The “teaser” started on a scene where Matt, dressed as Daredevil (wearing the uniform from the end of season 1) walks on a room that looked like a refrigerator. The place was barely lit and had big slices of meat hanging from the ceiling.

As Daredevil walks on that room (the camera focused only at him) we see that he’s searching for something as he stays quiet, slowly walking deep into the room, turning his head trying to hear something. At some point, something not show to the spectator grasps his attention. 

The camera open focus to the rest of the room and we see that there are also people being hanged like meat. 
Matt searches the corpses with his super senses, not touching, only trying for heart beats, once he finds someone he rush to aid the man: “I’ll take you of that” (or something like it), he says as he tries to take the barely alive man off the hook. 
After succeeding, he lays the guy (that I have no idea of how he could be alive considering how badly injured the dude was) on the ground and say something along the lines “Why did they do this to you?” In which the guy mumbles “They? It was just a guy”. Matt stays dead silent, camera focusing on him. 

The scene shifts. It’s night time and someone is on the top of a building aiming a sniper riffle at a person on a taxi. I’m not sure if the person being aimed was a man or a woman, though it looked like a woman. 
The man behind the gun is no one else but the Frank Castle. While Frank is readying his riffle for the perfect shot, unaware of his surroundings, DD appears. 
Running on the rooftop, he jumps and kicks the gun, amazingly diving over Frank to stop him. They soon engage on a fight, but when it was getting interesting and intense as fuck the scene was cut with the Daredevil logo and “2016 - NETFLIX”.

Luckily we will have the teaser out in a few days like it happened with the last one, a big thank you for this tumblr user who shared this description for the fans!

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