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PC POST #284: -REVIEW- The Dead Can't Be Distracted (Punisher fan film)

Last time i talked about this fan film was back on May 2013.

Short story: Right about the time Mike Pecci was publishing this project and got the praise from the media, Marvel decided to closed down this project and threatened Pecci's with their lawyers if he published to the public. Check out the full story here.

What was interesting in one part of the answer from Marvel was this...


And they were right, this project was good and way better than anything by hollywood or fan made i've seen so far.

First of all i'm honored to be one of the chosen to watch this fan film and i have to thank to Mike Pecci's for this opportunity.

TDCBD fan film was basically based in Rucka's run more precisely on issue #12, this fan film has only 4 minutes and the main dialogue between Frank and Rachel is based on what we saw in that comic. Frank teaching her that "the dead can't be distracted" by the luxuries of the living.

Clearly Pecci's gave his touch in most of the scenes, transitions, the feel, the colors and the soundtrack.

The fan film begins with Frank (Nick Apostolides) painting his vest while narrating... "I've been where you are. That rage. That confusion". And we see Rachel (Evalena Marie) pointing his gun and shooting. Frank continues to painting and narrating. "It steals focus. Steals reason". And we see Rachel shooting until she's out of bullets. Frank's continues to talk "And unless it can be governed, it will steal your life too". And the title of the film appear and we see the armory with a great 80's music behind it.

Next scene is in the table, Frank tells Rachel to empty her pockets, he picks and chooses what is useful and what's not, just like the comic. In between this dialogue we see some transitions with Frank and Rachel.
After the lecturing we see Rachel covered in blood and in the shower like some sort of "rebirth" washing away all the blood in her, next scene we see her burning her wedding photo with her husband.
The film ends with Frank and Rachel on a elevator ready for action.

The cast was amazing, Nick Apostolides nailed as Frank Castle. His posture, his voice and the presence it was all there, it's the Punisher i imagined while reading Greg Rucka's run.

Evalena Marie was amazing, aside from her beauty, she captured flawlessly Rachel Cole-Alves, while seeing her you could "sense" her rage through her eyes and posture while shooting the gun in the beginning. Just too perfect casting.

Mike Pecci is a genius, he directed this film in the better way possible. The colors and the tone was all there i could see Netflix "vibe" in it. This was an adaptation from the comic but he gave his own touch to it, it couldn't be better due to the circumstances.
The soundtrack just nailed it, i really like 80's music the main theme was done by Kristine feat. Power Glove - Modern Love (Remix).

Before i watch this, i was expecting some action with Frank and Rachel but no, in the end i didn't care for guns blazing. I would rather liked to see Frank with a huge "depth" lecturing Rachel on how to get away from mundane distractions than the usual shoot em up scenes we are used to see. And in the end i got a sense of relief because there are people in the world that can make a good Punisher on screen. And Pecci is one of those people.

I have seen many fan films but this was without a doubt the best i've seen. Mike Pecci is a pro, he used his resources and skills to make this happen and did it, and in my opinion it scared Marvel. That's why they closed down this project. It's a shame, because it would satisfy the Punisher fans in way that could only be compared when Dirty Laundry was released.

Overal Rate: 9.5 out 10


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