Saturday, December 19, 2015

PC POST #281: -Rumor- Punisher in Weirdworld?

This piece of rumor was released by Bleeding Cool when Axel Alonso (Marvel's Editor Chief) answer to fans regarding what to expect from the upcoming Weirdworld comics. This interview can be seen in CBR.

To fans, I’d say: Weirdworld is here to stay. It’s an essential component of the Marvel Universe. Anyone that’s been jonesing for the type of dark fantasy that was pioneered by Robert E. Howard or Tolkien or Marvel’s classic “Weirdworld” series from back in the day, will find what they want in this series. Barbarians — check. Wizards — check. Elves — check. Cavemen — check. Dragons — check. The Punish — Next question!

Okay, Axel Alonso said "The Punish", personally i can only imagine FrankenCastle in this sort of situation, Frank Castle would be weird to see in Weirdworld. But i confess seeing the Punisher in a land like this, weaponless and fighting for his own survival it could be interesting, it will definetely challenge the character to the limits.

Some fans might not like it because we are going to see the character away from his "core" elements. But to me, seeing in this type of situation and if he is well respected by the creative team, i'm totally down for this title. I like to see the character grounded in universe 616 and with all of the weirdness we can be presented as long as if he is respected.

What do you think?

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