Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Simple and compressed. This should be standard for most of the Punisher stories, it's a simple "recipe" that it's been unused for awhile now until Becky Cloonan step up and show how it's done.

Issue #15 tells us a story of a serial killer who is pushing innocent people into the front of the trains and we will see Frank Castle hunting him down.
 In the first issues of this comic, Becky Cloonan shows how bad this villain is and easily make the reader asking for some kind of punishment. 
This guy in with a trench coat is far from being the worst villain the Punisher faced in the current run, but he is a man who knows his surroundings and the Punisher goes into his own "turf" which reveals to be a difficult task.
Cloonan introduced a secondary character called Ryan, a homeless that lived in the underground and was a great help to Frank. Frank recognized that Ryan was a former lieutenant and he pretty much offers his help to Frank to catch this killer, Frank accepted.  

This was the only negative point of this story in my opinion. Not because of the character which was great but the way Frank easily accepted his help putting his life in danger.

On the other side, it was great seeing the empathy of two former military men joining forces to the same goal and Cloonan explored very well the relationship between them.

Matt Horak did a great work on this issue. So far and in my opinion, this was his best work since he picked up the Punisher title. Very solid artwork with a great motion in the action scenes between characters. The backgrounds were great even the crowd who were in the background were well defined. 
Lee Loughridge was a huge help in the coloring of this issue, the tone was perfect for an underground scene.

Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire continues to impress with amazing covers and this is no exception. It's an action scene that reminds me the old 90's beat em up games with Frank wasting some bad guys in the subway.

OVERALL RATE: 7.5 / 10

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