Thursday, September 7, 2017

PC POST #374: -REVIEW- Edge of VenomVerse: War Stories - Deal with the Devil

Edge of Venomverse began and Declan Shalvey took his chance to be the writer and artist of this 8th-page story of Edge of Venomverse: War Stories #01.
I didn't know how he would be as a writer but I was very pleased with everything I read!

As the reader can imagine an 8th-page story has to be very compressed in terms of story and action and it worked like a charm. Declan Shalvey had enough time to develop Frank and show the readers what he can do with the symbiote.

This is the third time we see Frank using a symbiote, well technically two times. The one we saw in War Journal wasn't the real symbiote it was more of an exoskeleton fueled by Venomechs created by Stuart Clarke aka Rampage.

In terms of character, the excuse Declan used in the comic for Frank using the symbiote was a bit "forced" I don't imagine Frank making pacts with symbiote so easily but the way Declan wrote it was more than worth a read. 
This Frank doesn't control the symbiote yet and I don't know if he will appear in the upcoming issues of Venomverse but it's a fun reading for every Punisher fan and especially for those who read the "What if... The Punisher was possessed by Venom" by Kurt Busiek will see some sort of nostalgia about it.

I always praise the artwork of Declan Shalvey in the Punisher covers and this is no different. I really liked his artwork. Very solid and very detailed in the weapons and everything around the panels. Great motion in the action scenes.
The tone of this comic was spot on and I will not forget to credit Chris O' Halloran for the great colors we were presented in this comic and every panel.

I want to see more of this "Venomised" Punisher in the upcoming issues of Edge of Venomverse, it was a very interesting concept that will probably help the "resistance team" in getting rid of the "Poisons"

Overall Rate: 8.5 / 10

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