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PC POST #376: [SPOILERS] Secret Empire Omega #1 shows The Punisher path of redemption.

Watch out!! SPOILERS below!

Secret Empire is over. Thankfully. It did more damage than good to many characters like Captain America and the Punisher.

This book was a good reading. Without a doubt the best of the series. Especially for the great discussion between the real Steve Rogers and his alternate self "Hydra" Rogers.

Now let's talk about what is important... The Punisher. 
The Punisher got a few pages in this book when we see him hunting down Hydra operatives on a way of redemption himself. 

Frank is tracking down all the cells and operations of Hydra and put them down. Something that from my point of view he should've done since the beginning of this event.
Frank says that "This might be the worst of them.." he was talking about his mistakes in his life and siding with Hydra the worst of them all. 

He also adds: "I was tricked... Manipulated by one man I thought I could trust". 

While he's destroying Hydra operations he's been tracking down by Nick Fury Jr. 
Fury also says that "He's ready". I don't have doubts that this will serve as a bridge to Punisher #218 that will start in November with Frank using the War Machine suit.
The Punisher will be one of the few characters that will not have a one-shot before this new series, maybe because of his own current run that it's still ongoing until one month before the release of the Punisher #218.

I'm glad this event is over. Worst than sided with a "good" mafia family, being transformed into an angel or be a Frankenstein rip-off, was betraying what he believed since his very own foundations. 
He sided with a terrorist organization. Because he blindly followed a false messiah with broken promises to get his family back. If there is a writer who believes that Frank wants his family back, well... he should quit his job due to his own lack of knowledge about the character.
Frank wouldn't want his family back and let them see what he has become. Because of them and his addiction to destroying crime.

Now let's enjoy the upcoming issues 16 and 17 from Becky Cloonan's run.

Issue #16 (September)
Issue #17 (October)

And welcoming this new Punisher run with Matthew Rosenberg and Guiu Vilanova.

The Punisher #218: Frank Castle - War Machine (November)

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  1. "Frank says that "This might be the worst of them.." he was talking about his mistakes in his life and siding with Hydra the worst of them all."

    Yeah, sorry Nick Spencer, that doesn't cut it, you had so many better reasons for Frank to do this, like he was literally under their control (like what happen to Green Arrow and Black Canary in Injustice 2 or when Picard become a Borg in Star Trek TNG), he was undercover, or it was a fake Punisher and so on... but no, he went with THY WORST REASON... he actually believed in a terrorist organization and pretty much wanted his family to see what he had become... is this what passes for... character development at Marvel these days!?!?!?! Have a character become borderline retarded... and then... he's not... anymore for some dumb or unexplained reason?????? God, I HATE marvel...