Saturday, October 7, 2017


After four years on hold, this project came to life. Welcome to the Platoon! The first tour of Frank Castle that excelled the expectations.

Before starting this review I want to share how I miss Garth Ennis writing. Over the years we have been presented with some mediocre writers that don't get the character at all. 
But Ennis was born for the Punisher and despite one or two mistakes he did for the character ( in my opinion), he is by far the best Punisher writer of this new century.

Here is a good issue that reminds us that before all the retcon Marvel did in 2012 to the war origins of Frank Castle, he was a Vietnam veteran. This story guide us to his first tour when he has zero combat experience.
I was expecting to see a rookie Frank Castle but Ennis avoided that kind of cliché. Frank Castle has indeed zero experience but he's a genius in the battlefield being two or three steps forward from the rest of the Platoon.
If you liked "Valley Forge, Valley Forge", this book is for you. Ennis did show us some POV views about Frank and sent us directly to the past. We basically travel through time from present to the past. Frank's story is being told by someone who knows him well.

The success of this first issue had the hands of Goran Parlov and Jordie Bellaire. I would even risk saying that this is his best work in a Punisher book.
Great visuals, not too fancy but great. He has the ability to makes the readers focus on what matters. I really liked how he portrayed Frank Castle. Frank has a huge built and his body stands out the rest of the Platoon.
His expression was well caught. Despite the apparent lack of experience, his eyes reveal a huge self-confidence and an unbreakable will. 

This issue is a set up for all the upcoming issues, don't expect action in it but the storytelling did all the work that I didn't feel the need for action and expect some comeback characters from Punisher MAX and Fury Max!

Overall Rate: 8.5 / 10

Posted by Ivo Santos 



  1. "Over the years we have been presented with some mediocre writers that don't get the character at all."

    From Matt Fraction, Daniel Way, Charles Soule, Ben Acke, Ben Blacker, Greg Rucka, Nathan Edmondson, Nick Spencer, and Becky Cloonan, they've all been terrible. Garth Ennis will show'em how it's done... but they and the people at Marvel will learn nothing from this at all...