Friday, October 13, 2017

PC POST #382: Fan Theory: Marvel's the Punisher might have leaked the release date weeks ago.

We live in an age that there is a lot of "fan theories". Some more accurate and others completely out of nonsense.
Well, I wouldn't be here if I considered this one a nonsense, it's a stretch, but it might lead us to something.
Today I was reached out from a fan called Hayden Vance on Punisher HQ. who claimed that he could possibly find out the release date for Marvel's the Punisher.

IF Hayden Vance is right, the release date has been "hid" in plain sight through promos that were leaked by the official accounts in the past weeks.

Let's start with the most recent promo

If you zoom into the word "TAKEN" you will see three lines and the last says "SAT 12-16".

If you check out your calendars if we take into consideration that 12 is the month and 16 is the day. you will see that it's a SATurday. ( SAT 12-16).

I know it's a stretch. And personally, I've been looking forward to seeing evidence that leads us to November and mid-December is way too many weeks of waiting for it. But this would be one of kind of coincidence that they pick randomly this (SAT 12-16).
Netflix doesn't release new series on Saturdays but this could be some sort of surprise drop.

It's even in this short video and many other promos too.

Again, this is a fan theory nothing official, I still have my personal opinion that it will be on Nov. 10 or Nov. 17.
But I found this very interesting to be taken into consideration.

Thank you, Hayden Vance for this awesome theory.

Posted by Ivo Santos

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