Saturday, October 7, 2017

PC POST #381: LOOK who's already seen Marvel's the Punisher!

A few weeks ago I received a tip in Punisher HQ from a fan who informed me that Howard Stern mentioned on his own show that he was seeing Marvel's the Punisher.
 So I looked into his shows from September and found out what he said about the show recorded at 18th September.

Howard Stern revealed that he got an advanced copy from Ted Sarandos ( Chief Content Officer for Netflix) from Marvel's the Punisher.

"I'm watching Punisher and I'm like... You know... This is the greatest #$?!ing thing. America has perfected entertainment!"
Later on the show, Stern finishes his opinion about the Punisher series:

"... I told you that I watched multiple episodes of the Punisher and it's pretty good. I like that guy... Who plays the Punisher... from the Walking Dead.. He's pretty good. The only critique I have is that it should even have more people getting killed. That's not enough death. But it's good..."

I know that Howard Stern is a comic book fan. This doesn't reveal much but at least we got a bit of spoiler-free review of what to expect.

Posted by Ivo Santos