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By @ivomgs

This issue was simply amazing and so far it's the best issue until now! 

Nathan Edmondson have given us a great improvement issue by issue, don't know if he will keep improving at this pace but so far his work is very impressive... Not to mention Mitch Gerads artwork, he did a great job too in this issue and i love how he uses the colors specially when Frank and Tuggs were in some sort of bar.

This issue is action packed and it's a thrill to see the Punisher back into "real" action, it seems that ages have passed since i saw a Punisher issue like this... It's directly to the point and no useless side characters dialogues. The pace of this issue is incredibly good.

I have mentioned in passed reviews that this Frank Castle is concerned for civillian lifes and in this issue he shows this, this is a protector Punisher and not a mindless psycho who only cares about his war and to kill as much criminals as he can. This is a cirurgical Punisher. 

I loved to read Frank's inner monologue it Edmondson nailed the spirit and the portrayal of this Punisher, i guess all the work he and Mitch had in the "ACTIVITY" it helped a lot in portraying the Punisher.

Mitch Gerads gives life to this comic, not only he gives colors but he give an amazing sense of "motion" in every issue, specially in the action scenes. He did a great job in developing Electro and all the lightnings that surrounds the character its really an amazing effect.

All the players in this book make an appearence and we get to know the boss of Dos Soles and a bit of the relation between him ( Guillermo) and Electro.
The Howling Commandoes are on Frank's track but until now they are following his tracks.
The book ended spectacularly well and leaves us wanting for more and it's really annoying that we have to wait almost a month to get our hands on issue #4...



I am just going to get it out of the way and say it...issue #3 of Edmondson and Gerads run is the single best issue of Punisher that I have read in a long time.

Based on the two first entries in this series I had doubts that this version of Frank Castle in L.A. would be able to reach the heights of previous runs but now I feel that this vision of the Punisher will be another classic years from now.

Edmondson and Gerads perfectly pace this issue with character development, plot, action and surprise. Edmondson writes the inner monologue of Frank much better than in the first two issues and character interaction flows smoothly the entire way through. Even the dialogue between Electro and Frank works! Gerads art improves dramatically and there are a handful of panels that I stopped and looked at multiple times because of how iconic they were. Every issue now seems to further cast this version of the Punisher as a unique take on the character.

Lastly, the build-up of the story seems to be a a great pace. It is a slow-burn but it isn't so slow that it will lose readers. There seems to be a really good balance. Answers to questions are being shared and new mysteries are cropping up. As we progress through this story it seems that there will be a fair amount of backstory that will pop up hear and there to provide further context on the characters too!

At this point...if this is the direction that the Punisher is going in I am seeing a bright future. Also, can we please get some new Punisher merch from Marvel featuring Gerads skull? Also, where is merch that featured Checchetto's skull? C'mon Marvel!



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  1. Great reviews, guys. This series, if it maintains, it will be the best of this century. No disrespect to Rucka who rescued Frank after FrankenCastle. No disrespect to Marg Guggenheim who wrote a brillant story as well. But this might be IT.