Saturday, March 29, 2014


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After the Thunderbolts sent Mercy to hell, it's time for another mission but these it will break the team apart since Flash asked the team to put the symbiote down. Thunderbolts vs. Venom!

This issue has plenty of action and the tone was slighly changed, for once, we got an issue that was serious without excessive comical moments and the only funny moments were featured by Deadpool which were all great as it has always been since the beggining of this book.

The team is in the Crucible and symbiote is on the loose, Flash let the symbiote take over, so Venom is more dangerous than ever hunting each one of the team.

Charles Soule give us a great issue and showed us how to write a fast paced story with kick ass action, in this issue we have seen something that we haven't seen since this book began... the Thunderbolts have worked perfectly like a real team and every member got his own purpose in the fight. There couldn't be other way to put down a savage Venom.

About the artwork Kim Jacinto did a decent job, but personally i didn't like at all his Elektra. The other characters were well designed.

Ismael Silva as the colorist did as always a good job at the coloring.

FINAL NOTE: I really liked this issue and it's one of my favorites after Thunderbolts #12 and the Annual. I was really impressed by the pace and a great improvement (in my opinion) in the tone that Soule put into this issue.



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  1. Somehow Elektra doesn't know the difference between a killer and a murdered (everyone is coming up with there own definitions) and Frank is now literally talking like a robot...