Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PC POST #198: -REVIEW- Marvel's Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

REVIEW(may contain spoilers) by @ivomgs

Well in overall i like it. It's way better than Technovore in every way... Animation, action and plotwise more interesting.

The Frank that is present in this book is a bit of sort of Ennis and Rucka's. He didn't talk too much and when he talks he is really straigh forward with much words as needed.

Unfortunately he is a bit one dimensional character and sometimes a bit "short sighted" for the "whole picture" that was this movie all about.

The other thing i didn't like at all and almost ruined it for me is that once again they used the Punisher (brainwashed) to kill a few SHIELD (innocent) guards... I'm tired of producers/writers using Frank for this stuff over and over again.

It could be more interesting if they used Black Widow instead of the Punisher, since her "weaponry" it's less lethal than the Punisher.

I like to see the Punisher in most of the scenes with the exception i mentioned above. He gots plenty of spotlight in this movie as one of the main character and he uses a lot of stealth, hand to hand fight (really good) and the classic shoot em up. It was really a pleasure to see finally the Punisher in action in a animation film.

This story in my opinion was more centered in Black Widow than in the Punisher. The only reason that Frank was on board was to capture Cain. The main villain only appeared in the end of this film and i didn't care about him, the only good thing is that Frank put him out for good with a good sequence of action scenes.




  1. I was not surprised at all with the way Frank was handled in this. In the end, Frank fights the Mafia and gangs (normal people)... not super villains or terrorist. And because of that, it made no sense for Shield to get him for this, there was no real reason for him being apart of this and did nothing for the story. But I guess since Dirty Laundry was such a hit, Marvel thinks he needs to be apart of the Superhero community and Marvel is also going to milk the Avengers for as long as they can.

    Someone like Solo should have been Black Widow's partner in this.

  2. SHIELD wanted to have Frank in their side, because they know that he would screw their plans like he did when captured Cain.

    It's more easier to control him when you have him in your side. Which turned out to be a mistake, he concluded his plans either way.

  3. I saw the movie, it's not a great picture, but Frank is consistent character, i hope we can watch more animated punisher movies in the future.