Sunday, March 9, 2014


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Here goes another great preview of this fantastic run! Who is the "friend" that will appear in this issue? Hmm, interesting...

Nathan Edmondson (W) & Mitch Gerads (A+C)

• The Punisher, captured by the Dos Sols gang, is caught in the metaphorical lion’s den. Tough luck, metaphorical lions.
• The 131 get the call: Take down the Punisher with extreme prejudice.
• A new player tosses her hat in the ring, and Frank’s gotta ask himself a question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well…do ya, Frank?

ON SALE 04/02/2014


  1. This is Blackstone.

    I'm very much looking forward to this. Captured Punisher facing nasty odds is always great,

  2. The artwork seems really good!

  3. i think the friend is black widow or the female punisher he worked with in his last run. I saw black widow cuz they've worked before and Edmonson is writing widow right now

  4. I think there are 3 options... Elektra, Rachel and Natasha...

  5. Did we really need to be reminded of his family in the park for the millionth time? His war on crime is no longer about them. It's only the 3rd issue and Frank has already got his ass kicked... he can't even win a fight in his own book. For someone who has 30 some years combat experience in the Marvel world... he barely has anything to show for it. The Punisher is becoming like John McClane, instead of working alone, like in the first film, he now has to be partner up with someone. He's no longer becoming a One Man Army... I miss those days. Do we really need another Lynn Michaels again... unoriginal crap

    1. hes not that old in this run anymore and hes never really been a one ma army hes gotten assistance before most notably microchip. this is a comic that might be new who are unfamiliar with frank so they do a flashback he still kicks ass youd know that if you read the comics and didn't just troll your pretty pathetic you know that we all know you only diss shit to feel important and get a rise out of people.i wonder do you ever shut up

    2. Did you know the character was rebooted in Rucka's? Step out of the cave.