Saturday, August 8, 2015

PC POST #263: Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in action!

How amazing are these scenes? We don't have the punisher skull but so far as we know, he could be in public taking out someone or he doesn't have a skull yet... I don't care for it, this looks awesome!

Can't wait for 2016!!! For the second season of Daredevil!


  1. Replies
    1. I think so too! But there will be someone complain about the lack of skull...

    2. Yeah well screw them! This pic of him kicking ass is awesome. He looks more brutal with that hair cut too

  2. A lot of times the Punisher has taken someone out with wearing the skull logo. Its not like it grants him magical ass kicking powers.

    1. People have to be patience regarding the skull. We will have a skull but not when people want. And to be honest, i have doubts that Frank Castle in the beggining of this series is already an established vigilante named Punisher.

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  4. I feel they left the skull out temporarily, it's gonna be a progression. Same way they did the Daredevil suit.