Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PC POST #264:-REVIEW- Ultimate End #4 (Punisher Appearence)

This might contain spoilers!!

This review comes a little late but finally i could write this... Another issue of Ultimate End with an important Punisher appearence and with an update refering to last reviews.

By this time you know that last issue there was a confrontation between Punishers. One from 616 and other from the Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Punisher gets the better of the Punisher from 616.

Initially i thought this was before the events of the end of both universes. 

But no, in this issue this gets more clearer and we get to know that it's another realm in Doom's Battleworld. And Doom's is testing some uncontrolable variables. Characters has a huge struggle to survive and their temper is

This Punisher is blaming everyone for what's happening and he is hunting everyone heroes and villains.

Bombshell almost died if Cloak and Dagger didn't save her. During the fight Frank escapes from Cloak's darkness with a grenade and escaped them.

Don't know why but i get the feeling Frank's got a bigger role in this comic...

In the final pages we see both factions of heroes both from Ultimate and 616 universe fighting against each other and Frank on the roof shooting.

 Let's wait for next issue!



  1. So this is it huh, we're probably get some psycho war junkie Frank for the All-New, All Different Marvel.

    Fuck, if I had to pick that or a new Punisher who was either a woman or some minority(Since that's what's Marvel is about now.) I'd pick a different Punisher than a drooling lunatic.

    1. No Jesse, this is another alternate Punisher like Doc Punisher and others... Don't sweat it.