Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PC POST #266: New Bernthal's set of photos as Punisher!

I'm happy to announce a new set of photos shared by "Just Jared" of Bernthal as Frank Castle/Punisher on set.

We still doesn't have any skull and personally i'm not worried. More and more i think this will be more the Punisher on Year One and we might have a skull in the midseason or near the end like it happened with Daredevil... Or we have a third option that we don't have any skull during these series and only in the Punisher (solo) series  they will unveil a Punisher skull. 

I could live with that.

In this first image are seeing something like the skull designed by Chechetto or something like it?

posted by @ivomgs


  1. What took you so long to realize it was based on year one Ivo? Lol

  2. I have said it's Year One since the first pictures he appeared with this jarhead look!

    1. Well i want to thank you for that. Seems like only die hard punisher fans know whats happening