Friday, August 21, 2015

PC POST #267: -REVIEW- Secret Wars Journal #04 "Primary Function"

(W) Mike Benson / (A) Laura Braga

Great mini story about two guardsmen of the SHIELD wall (Punisher and Iron Fist), Punisher is the veteran while Iron Fist is the rookie.

Mike Benson did a wonderful work on this mini story, while the story is simple, it's totally action packed and we can see this guardsmen shine blowing off Ultron robots all over the last pages... Sadly and like the other stories from Secret Wars Journal, it's only a 9 page story. But it's totally worth for every Punisher or Iron Fist completionist/fan.

I remember everyone that these characters aren't from 616, these are alternative versions of the characters we all know.

This Punisher was born in Egyptia realm and Iron Fist from Apocalypse's domain. We get to know a bit of the Punisher origin in this story. It seems that his family was killed by Ultron robots.
Another great thing we see some villain known to Punisher fans and Daredevil too that was wasted by the Punisher when he tried to escape from SHIELD.

The Punisher psych is very well captured and he acts (obviously) like a military with a strict code and very focused in his work. And more important he is very lethal. Aside from his origins, his clothes, his weaponry we have the Punisher we all know.

The artwork from Laura Braga is really engaging and very well done. The action scenes are really good and attractive. I really liked to see more from Laura in the Marvel comics.

Definetely one of the best Punisher (related) stories in Secret Wars.


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