Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Since Frank Castle became The Punisher he has used a variety of weapons to kill the worst scumbags in existence.  The one weapon  iconic to Frank is his favorite side arm.   The hand gun most associated with Punisher since his beginning is the Colt M1911.  Until the mid 1980s. the US service pistol was the 45 ACP M199 pistol.  Frank being a Vietnam vet was very familiar with this great gun, and he mentioned it over the years from his various books and even the special yearly Punisher Armory.
The Colt M1911 has seen used in every war from WW1 to now. Even replaced by the marginally effective M9, it still is in use by SOF units to this day with the USMC even buying a new model from Colt known in the Military as the M45A1

Pictured above are a variety of M1911 Colt that would be the type used by Frank.  The top Colt is a stainless steel gun with features that make it easier to use  in combat conditions and competition. The changes from a standard USGI model 1911 are meant to make it easier to use and manipulate faster.  The second gun down is what the M191 Frank would have been using in the war, and early in his career. It is the M1911 made to the USGI specs., It has none of the later enhancements that come from years of refining the pistol for maximum efficiency and speed,     The third pistol is a pure modern combat pistol with a rail on the frame to allow it to take a light or laser
When the Punisher got very big in the late 80s and early 90s, he would most likely be using a M1911 that looks like this model,   The thinking at that time in the gun and combat pistol world defined the gun to be much like the one shown.  The two toned look, the upswept rear beaver tail. The Novak combat sights with competition trigger and extended safety lock.    A huge amount of  serious users of the time from the 70s to early 90s  would have used a pistol very much like this.  Paying a lot of money to have plain USGI  guns into a full custom pistol that had much the same style and look as this one.
Obviously Frank carries more than one gun. The small 1911 at the bottom of the image is made just for that niche. While it can be carried on its own with no other pistol. It is a perfect back up to the full sized 1911. It operates the same way and can take the larger guns same magazines. Easier to hide on the ankle or tucked in some other gear, no doubt Frank would want a back up for his back up's back up!.

If you are not familiar with weapons and wonder what the big deal is with this much respect pistol and its power,

The pictures above show a .45 ACP  round on the left, and a 9mm beside it.  The 9mm is currently the round used by the US military and NATO.  You can see the obvious size difference and why so many prefer it when it comes down to needing something to save their life with in a bad situation.  The reason Frank would choose it is obvious, The Punisher does not believe in such a thing as overkill.

The guns above are all real  Colt 1911 pistols,  There has been a great many of them made before and since the Punisher came along and they are as timeless and  as classic as The Punisher is himself.



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